Real Name: Not applicable





Known Relatives:

Aliases: Eric Chessman

Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Death Duel with the Destoryers; Elementals

Powers/Abilities: Shapeshifter can assume the form (and often the abilities) of almost any creature. About the only thing it is vulnerable to is fire.

History: Shapeshifter is a creature from the dawn of life on Earth. It has no true form, constantly taking that of the life around it, and preying on that life too. In modern times it aligned itself with the sorcerer Saker, and became the leader of his Destroyers.

When it was severely injured by the Elemental known as Morningstar, it set about on a macabre plot for revenging itself. It took the form of a handsome man, and over the space of several years seduced the heroine. After a long romance, during which time Morningstar fell deeply in love with her paramour, Shapeshifter proposed - and then at the moment of Morningstar's greatest happiness, it brought her world crashing down. It revealed its true nature and the depth of its duplicity, driving the heroine to the brink of suicide. It then left her to kill herself. To date we haven't seen it again - that we know of.



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