Real Name: Kali

Identity/Class: Avatar of a goddess

Occupation: Seeker of justice (Chanda is a housewife)

Affiliations: Chanda (host body); Tarun (good friend)

Enemies: Yogini; Mahabala; Chorni; Wonder Women; Joker

Known Relatives: Mamta (sister-in-law to Chanda)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: India

First Appearance: Doga-Shakti (Raj Comics, 1998)

Powers/Abilities: Able to transform into light and travel in this manner.Able to melt and mold metal using the energy inside her with the power of her mind. When she opens her third eye, a beam of fire shoots out with a heat more intense than anything on Earth.

History: Chanda was a normal housewife until her evil husband's actions altered her life forever. Chanda was only having girl children, while her husband desperately wanted a boy. Because of this he kept on killing the girls she had. When Chanda found out, her husband and the doctor that delivered her baby tried to kill her but unsuccessfully. Overcome by rage and horror, her body became the vessel by which Kali could access this world and administer justice, starting by killing Chanda's spouse. Since then she has continued to take over Chanda whenever she has sensed justice needing to be done, particularly when it is a woman in distress.

Comments: Thanks to Krishna Anand for both informing me of this character, and providing additional information about him.

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