Shadow Runner

Real Name: Marcus Lereaux

Identity/Class: Mutated human

Occupation: Adventurer, Stellar Researcher

Affiliations: G'Kar; The Shadow Runners (although he never met any of them, being the last one)

Enemies: Master Midnight; Steelgrip

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: Unknown

Powers/Abilities: Shadow Runner can fold time and space, giving him the ability to move from one place to another through the shadows. He can also envelope his opponents in a wave of darkness that he calls the Shadow Mask, which temporarily blinds his opponents and subdues them. Shadow Runner possesses the strength of 10 men, giving him the ability to lift (press) under optimal conditions 2 tons. Shadow runner can also move at speeds greater than the speed of sound.

History: Marcus Lereaux was a brilliant scientist for NASA Orleans Control. After being approached to head a deep space exploration team to find a renewable source of energy for Earth, Lereaux jumped at the chance. Six months into the mission, Lereaux and his team encountered a derelict alien spaceship. Onboard, they discovered a stone that was pulsating with an immeasurable energy.

Upon return to earth, Lereaux immediately began to investigate the source of the stone’s energy and learned that it was dark matter energy. Elsewhere, Master Midnight, the undisputed kingpin of crime, learned of Lereaux’s discovery and sent his cyborg henchman, Steelgrip to retrieve the stone. A fight for possession of the stone ensued between Lereaux and Steelgrip, which in turn shattered the stone. Steelgrip, then teleported out of danger. A massive energy wave ripped through the complex, destroying much of the building. The energy also sought out a new host and passed into Lereaux, transforming him into a living shadow. Lereaux fell into a nexus, a point in between light and shadow. There he met the alien prince, G’Kar who informed Lereaux that he had been chosen to receive the power of the stone and to become the last Shadow Runner.

The Shadow Runners were a group of warriors from the planet Shaddix who were sworn to protect the power of the stone at all costs.

Comments: Created by Wm. Joseph Warner. Text covering origin and powers taken straight from the Worldwinz Studios site. Thanks to Wm. Joseph Warner for informing me of this character, pointing me to the site and sending me images of him.

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