Sembrani (Magnet)

Real Name: Tangguh

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Unknown

Affiliations: Godam,Gundala, Maza,Aquanus, Tira, Merpati, Boga, Kalong, Kartubi, Pangeran Mlaar

Enemies: Unknown

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Indonesia

First Appearance: 1000 Pendekar (Gundala series, Prasidha Publishing, 1974)

Powers/Abilities: Able to generate or neutralise electr and magnetic fields, able to fly. Also able to neutralise poisons. However he is vulnerable to gold, and making contact with it can paralyze him for a week.

History: One day Tangguh discovered a crashed alien spacecraft from the Ristuty system which had fallen into a poisonous gas crater in Dieng mountain (Middle Java). Miraculously the poisonous gas was temporarily neutralised, allowing Tangguh to make contact with a 3D projection of Otohrb, the craft's dead commander. He gave Tangguh a necklace that could transform him to a hero called Sembrani.

Comments: Created by Harya Suraminata a.k.a Hasmi.

Profile by Berny Julianto.


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