Real Name: Selene

Identity/Class: Vampire

Occupation: Former Death-Dealer

Affiliations: Michael Corvin, former Viktor (deceased)

Enemies: Lucian (deceased), Kraven, Viktor (deceased), Marcus

Known Relatives: unidentified father (deceased), unidentified mother (deceased), unidentified older sister (deceased), unidentified twin nieces (deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Formerly the Elders' Mansion, currently mobile.

First Appearance: "Underworld" (September 2003)

Powers/Abilities: Bitten by one of the Elders, Selene is stronger, quicker, more agile, and tougher then most other vampires. Selene is tremendously strong, and is highly alert of her surroundings due to her vampiric senses. She is immortal, and thus has not and will not age past the day she was bitten. Selene, like all other vampires, is light on her feet; capable of an almost gliding jump, can climb/walk up walls and ceilings with ease, and heal swiftly and completely from most things that would normally scar a human, though worse wounds take more time to heal from. If she feeds on blood after being wounded, however, it will accelerate the healing process. Selene is highly-skilled in martial arts and marksmanship, spending her unlife training rigorously to slay lycans with utmost efficiency.

History: Centuries ago, when Selene was a small child, her family was slaughtered by the elder vampire Viktor in a fit of hunger; when he came across Selene however, she reminded him so much of the daughter he had killed years ago that he found himself unable to take her life as well. Instead he took her, telling her that lycans (werewolves) had murdered her family, to shrug the blame off of himself; Viktor explained that lycans, or werewolves, were not myths, but very much real, and he promised her a way she could avenge them, to make the lycans suffer for what they'd taken from her. He promised she would become more powerful then she could have ever dreamt, if she accepted his offer. When she did, he revealed himself to be a vampire, and sunk his fangs into her neck. Selene grew weaker and weaker, and finally, slipped into darkness, awakening as a vampire.

Years passed and Selene had trained rigorously; rising through the ranks of the Death-Dealers till she found her way to the top. Selene had become one of the most powerful in existence, with a record for slaying lycans higher then even those who had been in the "business" longer. Her actions, however, caught the attention of the aristocratic vampire Kraven, who served directly under Viktor himself. He had grown attracted to Selene, though she had little interest in relationships, let alone with him, whom she'd always been suspicious of. This was especially true after he had returned from a quest to defeat the lycan chief Lucian, with a piece of Lucian's skin containing Viktor's brand (she'd later learned lycans once were slaves of the vampires who had rebelled) as proof. It made no sense to her, as Kraven was rarely one to enter a fight, and Lucian was reputed to be the most powerful and brutal lycan alive, able to change into his lupine form at will. How could Kraven have possibly beaten him? It would be years before she learned the answer to this…

One fateful night, Selene's world and all she thought she knew about it would once again be changed forever. It all started when she noticed a pair of lycans following a young doctor around, seemingly very intent on getting hold of him. A brutal fight in a subway offered no answers as Selene was forced to retreat when her forces were wiped out. Like Lucian, the other lycans had gained the ability to change at will, making them far more dangerous then ever, and they'd also constructed new weaponry that contained ultraviolet light; one shot could fry a vampire in seconds.

With Kraven dismissing any possibility the lycans would take any interest in some mortal, Selene decided to find out on her own. She'd get her second chance to learn about this young man when she tracked him down to his apartment. Cornering him the moment he got home, Selene demanded to know why the lycans would want him. The young man, however, didn't know either. It was then that Lucian appeared. The same Lucian that Kraven had assured everyone was dead. Lucian got a taste of the man's blood, and even shrugged off the rounds Selene had fired into him. Grabbing the young man and making a break for it, and barely escaping Lucian, Selene found herself in the river, only to get rescued by the young man, who later introduced himself as Michael. With new questions in need of answers, Selene brought Michael with her to Viktor's mansion.

Unfortunately, Michael had been infected by Lucian, and was now becoming a lycan. Selene, no longer able to trust Kraven at all, went to raise the only person she did trust: Viktor. Viktor had been in hibernation, as it wasn't his turn to rule. When Selene awoke him, she allowed him to see her memories, especially those of Lucian. Viktor was not as helpful as she had hoped. She took Michael to a safe place, and learned about his life, which had not been too different from her own. They'd both become what they are now because they'd lost everyone they loved.

Things took a more shocking turn when Selene brought one of Lucian's cronies before Viktor, and the lycans' plot was revealed. Vampires and werewolves had descended from two children of the powerful warlock Corvinus ages ago. One was bitten by a bat, the other by a wolf, but the third child had remained human, and his descendant held the dormant power to produce a being more powerful then both vampires and werewolves. That descendant was none other then Michael. Then Lucian made his move.

The lycans assassinated the vampire elder Amelia on her arrival to Viktor's mansion, and abducted Michael, stabilizing his human form to keep the werewolf curse from taking hold prematurely, so Lucian could produce a hybrid. Selene and the Death-Dealers tracked them down to their subterranean lair and a brutal fight commenced, heavy casualties among lycan and vampire alike. Michael had discovered the secrets behind Lucian's war with the vampires; it was about revenge, but not for the oppression the lycans had faced as the vampires' slaves. But something far, far more. A forbidden affair between Lucian and Viktor's daughter Sonia. Their affair eventually left Sonia somehow pregnant, This union frightened Viktor of the consequences, of producing a hybrid that might spell his own downfall. In rage, he condemned his own daughter to death by the sun's deadly rays, and forced Lucian to watch. Lucian grew so overcome with rage, he suddenly gained the ability to transform into his beastly form at will, and escaped, vowing revenge.

Selene searched the lair to find Michael, but was confronted by Kraven, who revealed Viktor's involvement in her family's death. At that moment, Viktor arrived, and attempted to explain to Selene that killing his own daughter and lying to Selene were necessary. That his ends justified his means; to destroy the lycans and ultimately prevent any kind of union, and he would have to settle for taking Selene's life now for her betrayal. Selene, however, had bitten Michael, transforming him into a fierce hybrid of both vampire and werewolf. Michael had become very powerful, and immediately engaged Viktor in battle, but he still could not defeat the experienced vampire lord alone. At that moment, Selene intervened, grabbing Viktor's sword and slicing the Elder's head off on one fell swoop.

After that night, things had changed. Marcus, the remaining vampire elder, took the throne. Selene knew that he would seek revenge for Viktor's demise, she and Michael would soon become hunted fugitives.

Comments: Played by Kate Beckinsale. Though we do not see Selene climb up walls and ceilings in the movie herself, we see another vampire do this, so it is assumed she can as well.

Profile provided by David J Klempa.

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