Real Name: Aldus Hilltop

Identity/Class: Human mutate cyborg

Occupation: Supervillain, former President of the United States

Affiliations: His mutates

Enemies: The Next Men, Thomas Kirkland

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: formerly the White House, currently unknown

First Appearance: 2112 (Dark Horse, 1991)

Powers/Abilities: Sathanus gains power by draining the life energies of others, leaving them dead, withered husks.

History: Aldus Hilltop was an evil and corrupt man who rose through political ranks until he reached the White House. Around the same time as he achieved that office, the group of artificial humans known as the Next Men escaped from the lab where they were created. Aldus attempted to utilise them as a resource for his plans, eventually sleeping with Jasmine, one of their number, after her memory had been damaged and she had been tricked into believing she was his wife. Unknown to him, sex with any of the Next Men would serve as a catalyst for "triggering" normal humans, mutating them. Meanwhile a bizarre cyborg creature arrived from the future, Sathanas, a being who by 2112 was a menace which had threatened the entire world. Sathanas had been driven from his own time, his powerbase destroyed and with terrible personal injuries, which eventually contributed to his death. Sathanas was pursued from his own time by Thomas Kirkland, who had his own shocking mission. Kirkland broke into the White House along with the Next Men, where he discovered the triggered Hilltop had gained a thirst for human life-forces. Kirkland blew the building up, killing himself. Hilltop was terribly injured, but his charred remains were retrieved from the ruins by the people who had Sathanas' cyborg remains. For Sathanas had travelled back in time to ensure his own genesis - and Hilltop would become Sathanas.

Comments: Created by John Byrne.


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