Sarge Steel

Real Name: Sergeant "Sarge" Steel

Identity/Class: Human cyborg

Occupation: Secret agent, former detective, soldier

Affiliations: Bessie

Enemies: The Lynx, Smiling Skull, Ivan Chung, Werner von Hess, Mr. Ize

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unidentified U.S. city

First Appearance: Sarge Steel#1 (Charlton Comics, December 1964)

Powers/Abilities: Steel is a skilled fighter, both armed and unarmed. His metal hand grants him immense grip strength and his punches with his metal fist can smash through heavy wooden doors.

History: During the Vietnamese War Sergeant Steel (his given name, not an alias nor rank) was a Captain in the Special Forces, but assigned to Army Intelligence and liaising closely with the C.I.A., hunting down Chinese agent Ivan Chung. While on furlough in Saigon Steel was attending a G.I. dance when Chung's lackeys threw a grenade in the window. Intending to throw it back outside Steel grabbed the explosive, but discovered it had been coated with a sticky substance. Unable to get rid of it, Steel instead held it outside, shielding the rest of his body but losing his lower left arm to the blast. Army surgeons replaced the missing limb with a steel prosthetic, but his military career was over, so Steel returned to the U.S. and reinvented himself as a detective.

Comments: Created by Pat Masulli.


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