Sailor Saturn

Real Name: Tomoe Hotaru (first name Hotaru, last name Tomoe)

Identity/Class: Human transformed by magical heritage

Occupation: School girl

Affiliations: member of the Sailor Senshi; ally of Tuxedo Kamen, Artemis, Luna, best friend of Chibi-usa, Kaitou Ace, Hikaru

Enemies: Kaolinite, Professor Tomoe, Mistress 9, Pharaoh 90, Hawkseye, Tigerseye, Fisheye, Queen Nehelina, Zirconia, JunJun, VesVes, CereCere, PallaPalla, Chaos, Sailor Galaxia, Sailor Iron Mouse, Sailor Lead Crow, Sailor Aluminium Siren, Sailor Tin Naynko, Ail, Ann

Known Relatives: Dr. Tomoe (father), unnamed mother (deceased)

Aliases: Mistress 9, Messiah of Silence

Base of Operations: Tokyo, Japan

First Appearance: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon (Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon, Kodansha/Toei Animation, 1992)

Powers/Abilities: Silence Wall, Silence Glaive Suprise (has the ability to destroy a planet; also has the "power of death", but using it will also cause her to perish)

History: A re-incarnation of the original Sailor Saturn (the "forbidden planet"), who unlike her fellow Senshi only awoke at the very end of the Silver Millennium... it is said her awakening was as much a factor in the destruction of the Moon Kingdom as the Dark Kingdom's attack. And when the Senshi of the Outer Rim found out that she was the Soldier of Death, they sought to kill her before she could awaken.

Hotaru was unique among the Sailor Scouts in that she played host to not only the spirit of Sailor Saturn but also Mistress 9. Unlike the rest of the Sailor Senshi, Sailor Saturn had a completely separate personality from her host. After the defeat of Mistress 9, Hotaru was returned to an infant, so that she could live her life without Mistress 9’s influence. Some time later Hotaru awoke as Sailor Saturn and grew at an accelerated rate until she returned to her previous age, regaining all her previous memories. At this point the spirit of Sailor Saturn merged with Hotaru's, making them one person (like the rest of the Sailor Senshi). She now lives with Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna. She was able to foresee great peril and awoke Eternal Sailor Moon the first time. She was also responsible for 'upgrading' the outer senshi to their higher power levels.

Comments: Created by Naoko Takeuchi.

In the anime she was only returned from baby state to full form at the start of Stars, but in the manga it happened in the equivalent of Sailor Moon Super S.

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