Jon Sable

Real Name: Jon Sable

Identity/Class: Normal human, highly skilled in combat

Occupation: Mercenary; novelist

Affiliations: (tv version) Eden Kendell; Joe "Cheesecake" Tyson; Mike Blackman; Cynthia

Enemies: Unknown

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: B.B. Flemm (pen name); Nicholas Fleming (pen name in the TV series)

Base of Operations: New York

First Appearance: Jon Sable, Freelance (First Comics, June 1983)

Powers/Abilities: Sable has no superhuman powers, but is an expert with weapons, and skilled at surviving under extreme conditions.

History: Jon Sable is a freelance mercenary/gun for hire who lived in New York City. He'd like to make his living as a writer. He writes about his time in Vietnam, competing as a pentathlete in the Olympics in 1972, his safari business in east Africa and the subsequent murder of his wife and kids by poachers. After tracking down the killers, and avenging himself, he found himself back in the States, with no money, and no market for his novel. His agent convinced him to try his hand at children's books, and so far, he's had some success at that, under the pen name of B.B. Flemm. And he's even managed to fall in love again. But he still freelances.

Lewis Van Bergen as the TV Jon Sable, plus friendsComments: Created by Mike Grell. As well as several successful comics, Sable has also starred in his own, short lived TV show. Sable premiered on November 7th, 1987, and ran 7 episodes, finishing on January 2, 1988. The lead was played by Lewis Van Bergen, and his love interest by Rene Russo.

In 2000 Mike Grell released a novel of the character, also titled Sable.


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