Real Name: Leana Creel





Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Youngblood

Powers/Abilities: Riptide can control water. Among the many things she can do with it is to create jets of water to knock opponents over, or dehydrate her opponents by draining the water out of them.

History: Originally one of Youngblood's more reluctant members, Riptide gained her abilities during an undersea accident that would have left her dead if not for a chance encounter with the mysterious Sea Witch. Since then, Leanna Creel has become an integral part of Team Youngblood, despite the fact that she initially signed on just to make some quick cash.Strong-willed and intelligent, Riptide often finds that many of her greatest enemies are not the many super-villains Youngblood faces, but the various prejudices and stereotypes held of women possessing her physical attributes.



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