Rick Random

Real Name: Rick Random

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Detective

Affiliations: Vanda Lane


Known Relatives:

Aliases: Dick Brando, Nick Martin, Dair Avalon.

Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Super Detective Library #37 "Crime Rides the Spaceways" (Amalgamated Press, September 1954)


History: Rick Random is a detective working for the Interplanetary Bureau of Investigation in the mid-22nd century, solving cases across a variety of Earth's colony worlds.

Comments: Rick Random was created by writer Conrad Frost and artist Bill Lacey under the direction of editor Ted Holmes for Amalgamated Press' series Super Detective Library. Though Frost and Lacey created the character and were involved in producing many of his early adventures, Random became better associated with artist Ron Turner and writer Harry Harrison, who worked on many of his later stories. Random starred in twenty-seven stories in Super Detective Library between 1954 and 1959. One was later reprinted in Buster Book 1962, with Rick renamed Dick Brando, another in Buster Annual 1963, still others in Buster Adventure Library in the late 1960s, yet more in Valiant Picture Library (where Rick became Nick Martin), and one more in Super Picture Special in 1969. The adventure 'SOS from Space' was reprinted in the 2000AD Sci-Fi Special 1978, and a new six part tale 'Riddle of the Astral Assassin by Steve Moore and Ron Turner appeared in the weekly (progs 113-118, in 1979). No new stories were forthcoming after this, but further reprints were included in Dan Dare Annual 1979, as well as Space Picture Library Holiday Specials 1980 and 1981, where Rick was renamed Dair Avalon.


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