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Welcome to the reviews and previews section on International Hero.

Given that I'm British and my site began initially predominately covering British comics most of these are related to currently available British comic titles, especially as developments like Kickstarter have led to the debuts of some new British comics. 

If you are a creator or publisher wanting your product publicised and/or reviewed, then please feel free to drop me a line. While my site's focus is largely aimed at superhero features, I am more than happy to review any comics regardless of genre, and movies or TV shows with action, SF, fantasy, spies or detective show backgrounds. As ever, comments below are my opinion only, and your feelings may differ stuff about the stuff I like or dislike.


As recommendations rather than reviews, these are just brief mentions of some interesting titles currently or imminently available. Some of these are recent releases, others older stuff I feel deserves a bigger spotlight, but all should in theory still be in print and readily available.

Rebellion are launching a new series of Monster Fun to come out once every two months, with a Halloween Special in October 2021 followed by the ongoing series from April 2022.

As part of their Treasury of British Comics Rebellion has also recently finished reprinting the excellent series The Thirteenth Floor that originally appeared in Scream and then Eagle.

Pat Mills, one of the giants of the British comics industry, has launched a new anthology title called Spacewarp.

Published a few years ago now, but still highly recommended is Titan Comics tie-in comic to Kim Newman's Anno Dracula novel series.

Another new anthology is Time Bomb's Brawler, one of a number of interesting titles from this relatively young British comics publisher.

Published very infrequently Vworp Vworp is a wonderful in-depth delve into Doctor Who comics of the past.

Both an excellent novel series and a string of beautiful graphic novels, Ben Aaronivitch's Rivers of London is well worth a look.

From the hit writing team of John Wagner and Alan Grant there's Rok the God, a sequel to their recent miniseries Rok of the Reds.

Yet another independently published anthology, Shift features a range of brilliant stories.

The 77 is yet another anthology doing a good job of trying to emulate the British comics of the past.

Dave Broughton's "licensed occult operative" Shaman Kane is currently on its sixth issue.

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