Real Name: Colonel John Renwick

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Engineer - industrial, civil and mechanical

Affiliations: Doc Savage


Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: The Man of Bronze (March 1933)

Powers/Abilities: Renny is extremely strong, with huge hands the size of gallon milk bottles. He often claimed there was no wood panelled door he couldn't put his fist through.

History: Renny met his fellow adventurers for the first time during World War One, when he, like them, was imprisoned in the Top Security POW camp Loki. Together they escaped and made it back to their own lines.

Following the war Renny returned to his engineering, where his expertise had him in high demand travelling the world designing and building roads, skyscrapers, bridges, etc. However his love for adventure and adversity meant he would happily make himself available whenever Doc called on his help.

Comments: Renny was 6'4", and weighed 250 lbs, all of it muscle. His most obvious distinguishing features were his large hands. He loved adversity, and was happiest when things seemed hopeless; conversely when things were going well he looked terribly upset.


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