Real Name: Merlin

Identity/Class: Cosmic entity

Occupation: Evil magician

Affiliations: Mr.Big, Sho-Gun, Shadow Demon, Adolph Hitler

Enemies: Captain Canada, Captain Atlantis

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unknown - last seen active in Canada

First Appearance: Atlantis GN

Powers/Abilities: Capable of levitating and thus walking on air. He can also telekinetically move others. He is able to summon and control spirits.

History: Once known as Merlin the magician, the being known as Remlin was in fact the very embodiment of man's own evil, and had committed acts of villainy through the centuries, aiding such individuals as Adolph Hitler. In modern times, he temporarily possessed the crimelord Mr.Big and used him to transport the giant robot Sho-Gun over from Japan. Then Remlin travelled to Canada himself intending to check out the new hero Captain Canada and discover if he was any threat to Remlin's plans. Once there, for amusement Remlin levitated a child into the path of an oncoming car, only to watch as the boy was saved from death by Captain Canada.

Later he spied on the hero's meetings with Nightworld and Japan through the eyes of his subservient shadow demon. Deciding he needed more firepower to deal with the opposition, he summoned various spirits to assist him. When Sho-Gun attacked Montreal and Captain Canada opposed it, the hero discovered Remlin and his allies inside the machine. Seeing his protege outnumbered, Captain Atlantis came to the hero's aid. Atlantis destroyed Remlin's allies and unmasked the evil mage. While Captain Canada faced Sho-Gun on the corporeal plane, Captain Atlantis faced Merlin on a spiritual one, eventually vanquishing him.

Comments: Created by Geoffrey Scott and Danny Bulanadi.


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