The Raven

Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Fugitive

Affiliations: His raven sidekick.

Enemies: Inspector Blugstone of Scotland Yard, the Dragon Men

Known Relatives: Sebastian (brother)

Aliases: The Mysterious Man in Black (although his costume is actually green)

Base of Operations: Ravencourt Manor, Southern England

First Appearance: The Raven (Young Merchandising)

Powers/Abilities: Skilled marksman. Highly intelligent.

History: The Raven was the Seventh Earl of Ravenscourt, an innocent man falsely framed for theft by his villainous brother Sebastian, and sent to Dartmoor Prison. He escaped, and vowed that he would always help any other innocents should they likewise be wrongly imprisoned. Now, as the Raven, he hides out in the abandoned Ravencourt Manor, kept company only by a lone bird, his namesake. "Some say he is a ghost, some say he is a modern day crusader taking up arms to help others. To some he is a product of the imagination."

(Raven Comics #5) Bully Moyes, convicted for murder during a robbery, broke out of prison and sought out the Raven. He claimed that it was his partner O'Toole who killed the victim, a partner who got away, and who now lies dying. Pleading for the Raven to help him before his one chance of proving his innocence passed away, he convinced the masked man to check out his story. The Raven travelled to London, where he broke into O'Toole's home, and asked him to confirm Moyes account of events. At first the partner agreed with what Moyes told the Raven, but the Raven, noting from the crosses O'Toole had in the room that he was religious, asked him to swear on the cross taht what he had told was the truth. O'Toole reluctantly admitted he was covering for his former friend, figuring that with death imminent, he would take the fall. The Raven returned to the Manor, where Moyes had been hiding out, and promised to return him to prison. But Moyes made a run for it...straight into the police, who gunned him down when he tried to shoot his way out.

(Raven Comics #6) The Raven investigated a mystery at Stonehenge.

Comments: Created by Paul Wheelahan.

Thanks to Copper for additional info, and Dennis Ray for the color image.

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