Rat Pack

In 1941 convict soldiers Kabul "the Turk" Hasan, safecracker Ronald Weasel, Ian "Scarface" Rogan and knifeman Matthew Dancer escape from Wessex Military Prison's maximum security wing in the company of another prisoner, but once they have each demonstrated their specialist skills to do so, their compatriot reveals himself to be Special Services Commando Major Taggart and delivers them to the Military Police. The prison break was arranged to test each man, and Taggart now offers them a deal - work for him undertaking suicide missions, and if they survive long enough, they will earn their freedom. When Taggart was temporarily incapacitated, Major Eazy took command.

Created by Gerry Finley-Day and Carlos Ezquerra, Rat Pack began in Battle Picture Weekly's first issue, 8th March 1975, and had an initial nine month run, ending on 3rd January 1976.

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