Raio Negro (Black Ray)

Real Name: Roberto Sales

Identity/Class: Unknown

Occupation: Lieutenant in FAB (Força Aérea Brasileira, a.k.a. Brazilian Air Force)

Affiliations: Lid (his alien benefactor)

Enemies: Op-Art, Homens Voadores (the Flying Men)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Black Bolt

Base of Operations: Brazil

First Appearance: Raio Negro #1 (GEP, 1965)

Powers/Abilities: Raio Negro's ring allows him to fly at superhuman speeds, and fire bolts of force.

History: Airforce Lieutenant Roberto Sales was sent by his government into orbit, only for his capsule to be captured in a black ray and taken on board a flying saucer belonging to Lid, an alien from Saturn. The saucer had been struck by a meteor, and Lid was in dire straits, badly injured and needing assistance. Following Lid's instructions, Roberto flew the vessel back to the ringed planet, where the alien's fellows could treat him. In gratitude the alien gave Roberto a ring capable of manipulating black light, created using the magnetic energies of Saturn. Roberto swore he would only use the ring in the service of good and justice. Back on Earth he created a new identity, becoming the crimefighter Raio Negro (Black Ray). Among the villains he faced was Op-Art, who used psychedelic images against his foes.

Comments: Created by Gedeone Malagola. Op-Art, his arch enemy, was visually based on Gedeone.

His original title lasted for 13 issues and a handful of specials - ironically, he wasn't meant to be the star of the title. That honour was meant to go to Homem Lua (Moon Man), and Raio Negro was only meant to fill out the rest of the issue. However published Miguel Penteado realised that Raio was the true star, and pushed him forward. Raio Negro returned in a special published in 1982 by Grafipar de Curitiba, then again in 1989, this time published by Phenix.

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