Queen of Swords

Real Name: María Teresa Alvarado

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Noblewoman, vigilante

Affiliations: Dr. Robert Helm, Marta, Ramon

Enemies: Colonel Luís Montoya, Captain Marcus Grisham, Mary Rose, Carlotta, El Serpiente

Known Relatives: Unnamed father (deceased), Don Federico (godfather, deceased),Alejandro (uncle)

Aliases: Tessa

Base of Operations: Santa Helena, Southern California, c.1817

First Appearance: Queen of Swords #1 "Destiny" (2nd October 2000)

Powers/Abilities: Skilled horsewoman. Excellent swordsperson, also skilled in the use of whips. She seems to have prophetic dreams.

History: Tesse Alvarado was living in Spain when word reached her of her father's death in California, allegedly in an accident when he fell from his horse. She swiftly returned home, where it soon became clear that much was wrong in the area - the family home had fallen into disrepair, her father's servant Carlos had been accused of robbery and was awaiting a firing squad, and the ruthless Colonel Montoya was running the area as his own private domain.

Hearing rumours that her father's death was not an accident, and realising justice could not be gotten through legitimate means, Tesse had a dream in which her father told her it was her destiny to avenge him and fight those who would persecute the people of Santa Helena. Discovering a hidden room containing the family sword, Tesse was inspired: she dressed in her black, fencing outfit, made a mask out of an old piece of her mother's lace shawl, and created the identity of the Queen of Swords, protector of the innocent.

Comments: Created by Ira Bernstein. Played by Tessie Santiago. The show lasted a single season of 22 episodes.

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