Scarlet Seal

Real Name: Barry Moore

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Police lieutenant, former actor

Affiliations: Judy Wilson (girlfriend)

Enemies: Manchu Sing, Bugs Marlone, Lt. Bemis, Morta

Known Relatives: Captain Pat Moore (father)

Aliases: Wen Au Chung

Base of Operations: Unidentified US city

First Appearance: Smash Comics #16 (Quality Comics, November 1940)

Powers/Abilities: A disguise expert, expert shot and jui-jitsu expert. He conceals a seal, his namesake, in his fob watch, using it to brand defeated foes, and uses gadgets such as firecrackers to distract his foes.

History: Barry Moore quit acting to work for his father, police commissioner Pat Moore, as a cop. Wanting to find a way to get to the criminals the cops couldn't apprehend through conventional means, he was inspired by his last film, Oriental Horror, to use his disguise skills to battle the underworld disguised as the Chinese (stereotype) hero the Scarlet Seal; his pseudonym came from the red stamp he marked his defeated opponents with. even though his father, the police commissioner, viewed the Seal as a criminal.

Comments: Created by Manning de Villeneuve Lee.

Scarlet Seal is one of the Quality heroes who has not been used by DC since they bought the company's characters.

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