Real Name: Purgatori

Identity/Class: Vampire/demon




Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Evil Ernie: Revenge #1

Powers/Abilities: Purgatori started as a regular vampire, but by tasting the blood of Lucifer himself she has gained powers beyond those normally possessed by her kind.

History: The woman who would become known as Purgatori started her existence as a slave in ancient Egypt, some three thousand years ago. Transformed into a vampire, she desired to make herself even more powerful, and won her way into Hell, where she attempted to feed off Lucifer himself. For her stunning display of arrogance she was banished to the Necropolis, but she eventually made her way back to Hell. This time Lady Death was the ruler, but again Purgatori tried to feed from the master of the underworld. Lady Death expelled her from her domain, casting her through the Nexus of All Things back to the Earth. Now based out of San Francisco, she continues to wreak havoc as she tries to slake her bloodlust.



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