Real Name: Protoid

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial




Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: 2000 A.D. #? - 585

Powers/Abilities: Protoid was able to change into any form he liked. He was connected to his spaceship, and was able to cloak it against sensors as it was an extension of his body (or vice versa).

History: Protoid was an alien shapeshifter. He joined Bad Company 2 because he claimed he hated Krool and because he could provide transportation on his living spaceship into Krool territory past their patrols. His true intentions came out when the Company reached the Krool Heart; he wanted to replace it with himself so that he could take over that entire race. Kano killed his humanoid extension, and then Danny Franks finished the job, destroying Protoid's spaceship self when Danny became the new Krool Heart.

Comments: Created by Pete Milligan and Brett Ewins.


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