Princess Ariel

Real Name: Ariel

Identity/Class: Human magic user

Occupation: Sorceress, witch, adventuress

Affiliations: Thundarr the Barbarian, Ookla the Mok, Tyron, Tai, Arak, Tye, Chief Oblach, the Mok Tribes, the Amazon Women, Shara the Barbarian, Merlek the Sorcerer, Yeek, the Women of Prophecy (Maya, Cinda, Valerie Storm), Thorac

Enemies: Sabien, Gemini (aka Janus), Raiders of the Abyss, Garth, Morag, Captain Kordon and the River Pirates, General Zoa, Mindok, Zebron, the Brotherhood of Night, Striya, Sholow, Simius, the Stalker from the Stars, Kublai, Zogar, Crom, Judag, Skullus, Sarott, Vortak, Circe, the Hawkmen, the Silicoids, Vashtarr, Lord Argoth, Yando, Korb, Artemus, the Man-Apes, the Carocs, the Desert People, the Groundlings, the Little People

Known Relatives: Sabien (stepfather)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout 3394 A.D. Earth, centered around North America

First Appearance: Thundarr the Barbarian, "Secret of the Black Pearl" (first aired on October 4th, 1980)

Powers/Abilities: Ariel possesses tremendous abilities in casting magical spells. She can create powerful force bolts and energy shields as well as levitating objects or people. Among her impressive array of spells include the ability to temporarily transmute matter, manipulate the elements, alter the weather, reassemble matter from their components parts (even complex machines), and animate objects temporarily. She could also cast counter spells to block or counteract various spells or enchantments. A few of the more powerful wizards or sorcerers' spells were unblockable or could withstand her counter spelling. One of her primary weaknesses was that her style of spellcasting required hand gestures; thus, if her hands were immobilized or her limbs were bound, she was unable to use her magical arts.

She also possessed tremendous reservoir of knowledge of old Earth culture, geography, and knowledge from her extensive studies in history and possessed a vast understanding of scientific laws and principles. Ariel could understand to a limited extent the spoken Mok language, which consists of howls and snarls, although she was not as adept as Thundarr, nor could she speak it. She was also a competent horseback rider.

History: In 1994, a runaway planet hurtled out of the depths of space and passed between the Earth and the Moon. The titanic forces unleashed by this rogue planetoid shattered the Moon; causing massive seismic upheavals ranging from huge sinkholes, earthquakes, erupting volcanoes and tidal waves, and stripped away a large portion of the atmosphere of the Earth, exposing the planet to massive levels of solar and cosmic radiations and destroying civilization.

Two thousand years later, Earth had descended into brutal savagery. Mutants and bizarre creatures roamed the planet; the remnants of human civilization cowered in pitiful enclaves while powerful wizard tyrants reigned over pocket kingdoms through a bizarre hybrid of super-science and sorcery.

Ariel was born with an innate ability to manipulate magical energies and her gifts were noticed by her stepfather, the sorcerer Sabien, who trained her in spellcasting, as well as allowing her access to his vast library of tomes which she studied extensively, learning much about Old Earth culture and history. However Ariel became increasingly aware of her stepfather's cruelty and encountered several of his slaves, including Thundarr. Becoming infatuated with his nobility and strength, she helped Thundarr and his friend Ookla the Mok escape Sabien's imprisonment and gifted Thundarr with his fabulous weapon, the Sun Sword. Doing so however, branded her an outcast and a criminal in her father's eyes. With nowhere else to go to, she elected to go into exile with Thundarr and Ookla.

Ariel spent the next few years travelling alongside Thundarr and Ookla across the devastated Earth of 3394 A.D. and supplying her vast array of magical spells and knowledge on their various adventures. She nursed a long standing affection for the brawny barbarian warrior, but so far he has stoically ignored her feelings.

Comments: Created by Steve Gerber, the creator of Howard the Duck, and Alex Toth, the designer of Space Ghost. Princess Ariel was voiced by Nellie Bellflower.

Thanks to Michael Higuchi for the above profile.

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