Powers is a series which considers what it would be like to be a cop working the super-powered crimes unit in a world full of superheroes. It is a world much like many others inhabited by superheroes, but this time the reader gets to see things from the perspective of the normal people living there (all the super-fights happen in the background, unseen by the reader, unless they somehow connect with the work of a police homicide division where Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim work), and many aspects of the cases showcase logical extrapolations of how the police and the community at large would adapt in such a world.

For example, many superheroes are also celebrities and have features linked to that (groupies, obsessive fans, lookalikes, death threats, media in their tail and so on). The media have special TV programs that discuss superhero cases, as well as gossip shows like "Powers That Be" with Ted Henry. Sometimes witnesses even sell their story to media outlets for big money before they go to the police. Many of the stories intentionally parallel real-life celebrity cases.

It's illegal to wear the costume of a well known superhero, because supervillains might then mistake a costumed normal for the real thing, and attack them - which has caused a number of deaths. The police use "drainers" during interrogation, devices which nullify super powers; unfortunately there is also a home-made variety of this device, which has been used by the small and disorganised, but extremely obsessed anti-Powers hate group who identify their activities with a graffiti marker "Chaotic Chic". In the supermarkets you can buy baby food which allegedly nurtures latent mutant talents, while young children can be given a colouring book which teachs them to get out of the way during superhuman battles.

Created by Brian Michael Bendis (writer) and Michael Avon Oeming (artist), it is one of the best titles of recent years.

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