Real Name: Ed Yates

Identity/Class: Mutated human

Occupation: Oceanographer

Affiliations: Bara, Cuda ("the Amazing Piranapets" - his trained barracudas)

Enemies: Generalissimo Brainstorm

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: Deadliest Creature in all the World

Base of Operations: A house boat at an unspecified location.

First Appearance: Thrill-O-Rama #2 (Harvey Comics, 1965)

History: “Part man…Part fish. A deadly accident had turned oceanographer Ed Yates into The Pirana – pound for pound – the deadliest of all fish! The Pirana is always braced for action in his hideout house boat. With his two marine sidekick barracudas, he easily breathes oxygen directly from the water via a special plastic-like membrane. When he surfaces, ingenious jet flippers propel him through the air. But now he must wear his water-filled face plate…for changes in his bodily chemistry have made it necessary that he always receive his life-giving oxygen through water. But with his water-filled mask, the Pirana is a fearsome sight for criminals to behold…his depth-trident has the accuracy of an arrow…his toss net can snare a bird at forty yards…and his fists, accustomed to the resistance of water, move through air at the speed of sound…He is as elusive as the storm winds that howl around Cape Horn…as deadly as he mighty-jawed fish whose name he has taken…He appears to strike from the depths as needed…then vanished from whence he came…estranged from the world he once dwelt in…along in his silent deep…"

Powers/Abilities: Able to breathe in water (in fact, not able to breathe out of it without artificial help). Able to make great leaps / fly short distance using his jet propelled flippers. Some level of superhuman strength and resistance to injury (because otherwise if you hit someone with your fist moving at the speed of sound, you'd shatter your own arm too). Armed with both a spear-gun like trident and a net. Able to command his pet barracuda using a "water whistle".

Comments: Drawn by Jack Sparling. And yes, I've got the spelling of the character's name correct - Harvey Comics on the other hand didn't get the spelling of Piranha right.

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