Pineapple Man

Real Name: Isamu Pahoa

Identity/Class: Magically mutated human

Occupation: Unknown

Affiliations: Miyoko Tabata (friend, government agent), Luk Fun Chun

Enemies: Shigeru Kawafuchi, the Prince of Sharks

Known Relatives: Unidentified grandmother

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Hawaii

Sam PahoaFirst Appearance: Pineapple Man #1 (SoloGraphics)

Powers/Abilities: Able to transform into a larger, monstrous form, with superior strength and speed. Heavily armed with both native weapons and grenades.

History: "Sam Pahoa never wanted to be a hero. Fate took hold of his life one night; on the verge of death at an ancient Hawaiian temple to Kukailimoku, the god of war, he was granted the warrior's gift. The metamorphosing powers made him monstrous, but incredibly strong and fast. Now that he's learned to control his 'gift', he uses it to help Miyo, a childhood friend and government agent. His adventures lead to the discovery that the old Hawaii of legends and superstition is very much alive, and he's right in the middle of it."

Comments: Created by Sam Campos. While still at Kahuku High School he was caught reading comics in art class, so his teacher gave him an ultimatum: create his own character over the weekend or fail. Inspired by the example of Richard Dominguez, who had managed to publish his own title El Gato Negro, Sam decided to bring his creation to the masses as well. Pineapple Man made it into print in the mid-1990's, appearing in a series of locally produced comics written by Campos' wife, Genesis. The couple then set up their own studio, SoloGraphics.


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