Peter P. Peterson

Real Name: Peter P. Peterson

Identity/Class: Normal human with magical bag

Occupation: Troubleshooter for hire

Affiliations: Soulsearchers

Enemies: Vaneer, Hermano

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mystic Grove, Connecticut

First Appearance: Soulsearchers and Company #1 (Claypool Comics, June 1993)

Powers/Abilities: Peter can pull virtually anything from his magic bag. He has no control over what comes out, but it always turns out to useful for dealing with the situation at hand, so longer as you can figure out how to use it.

Among the items he has produced are a balloon, a doll's house, a joy buzzer, a hoover, a banana, a glass of warm milk, tiny sheep, a bottle of malt whiskey, and a mallet.

History: Peter P. Peterson is a financial consultant and accountant from Philadelphia, PA, who was hired to get Soulsearchers and Company's records straightened out. He very swiftly came to realise that this was a permanent post, as the company's books will never be straight until after doomsday. He also quickly began to feel guilty about the other employees risking their lives on cases while he simply dealt with the records, and during an attack on their headquarters by the Grand Guignol and his killer puppets he proved his worth in battle.

Since then he often accompanies the others into the field, although strictly speaking he isn't expected to do so. He is also dating Greta Bartok, the Witch of Tiger Hill.

Where he got his magic bag is unclear - he already had it by the time he first arrived at Soulsearchers' offices.

Comments: Created by Peter David and Richard Howell.


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