Real Name: Pai / Parvati IV

Identity/Class: Sanjiyan (supernatural non-human species)

Occupation: Sorceress / schoolgirl

Affiliations: Fujii Yakumo; Takuhi (bird man, deceased); Youkegisha (Hong Kong exorcism and publishing company), Takuhi

Enemies: Kaiyanwang (ruler of the sanjiyans, evil incarnation of Shiva and Pai's one-time husband)

Known Relatives: Kaiyanwang (ex-husband); Parvati III (mother)

Aliases: Pai Ayanokouji

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Young Magazine Pirate Edition (Kodansha, 14th December 1987)

Powers/Abilities: Pai is a Sanjiyan Unkara, a supernatural, nearly immortal creature. She can absorb a human soul to do their bidding, transforming the person affected into a nearly invulnerable servant. She has other mystical powers usually manifested along with the appearance of her third eye, and used by her Parvati identity - use of these powers is tiring, forcing that persona to rest after using powerful magic.

History: The Sanjiyan Unkara (Triclops) are a race of beautiful, nearly immortal beings who live among humans, passing for mortals until they open the mystic third eye located in the centre of their foreheads. Using this eye they can access immense magical powers, but unfortunately the Sanjiyan suffer from mental degeneration as time passes. Older Sanjiyans often become evil, decadent and uncaring; younger ones tend to have split personalities.

Three hundred year-old Pai is an example of a younger Sanjiyan - her Pai personality is somewhat flaky, but caring and cheerful, while her Parvati personality (manifested when her third eye opens and she uses magic) is more arrogant and ruthless. The two personae are aware of one another, and sometimes talk between themselves. Believing herself to be the last of her kind, Pai seeks to become human through the use of the Ningen no Zou, the Statue of Humanity, which reputably has the power to turn a Sanjiyan into a mortal, by transferring the powers of two of the race into a third member. The Ningen, incidentally, is how the other members of her kind reputedly became human and thus died out.

Pai travelled to Tokyo searching for the artifact, but shortly after she arrived, a thief tried to snatch her backpack and cane from her. A teenage lad, Yakumo, tackled the crook and managed to get the pack back for her, though the thief escaped with the cane. Yakumo took her to his work, where Pai was able to get cleaned up, and where she discovered that he was the son of Professor Fujii, an archaeologist she had met in Tibet four years previously. The Professor had been researching the legends of the Sanjiyans, and had befriended her and offered to help her find the Ningen, only to fall ill and die. Pai had his last letter to his son in her pack, where he asked Yakumo to help Pai with her quest. Although the lad didn't believe his father's tales of Pai being a monster, he agreed to assist her.

Their discussion was interrupted by news reports of a giant monster flying over the city. Pai recognised the creature as her pet Takuhi, who must have been released from his home in Pai's cane by the thief, and who was now looking for her. Pai set out to retrieve him, with Yakumo close behind. However when Yakumo saw Takuhi fly towards Pai, the lad mistook the beast's welcome for an attack, and shoved Pai out the way; immediately Takuhi ripped into the lad, fatally wounding him. Unwilling to lose the boy she had been hunting for and just located, Pai's third eye opened, and she absorbed his soul. This restored his body, but tied him to her as her undead servant. Linked to her, he can only become human again when she becomes human. In the way of this goal are hordes of monsters and demons from the Shadow World, some desiring Pai's powers, others who seek the Ningen for their own.

Comments: Created by Yuzo Takada.

Originally published by Kodansha in their weekly publication, Young Magazine, Sazan Eyes has been collected into several compilations. It was adapted into an OAV in 1991 by Bandai Visual. Some of the manga series has been reprinted in English by Innovation and then by Dark Horse.

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