Othan, O Leão Negro (Othan, the Black Lion)

Real Name: Othan

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial (unnamed feline species)

Occupation: Mercenary warrior, soldier, explorer, private security, thief - any well paid service

Affiliations: Ham and other warriors, Bakhu (prince and monk), Pantah (shepherd and lover), Tchi (military and lover), Master Ho (old warrior)

Enemies: Various armies and warriors, some old lovers

Known Relatives: Isauh (brother), Kasdhan (son), Hera (Isauh's wife)

Aliases: The Black Lion

Base of Operations: Othan's home, a ruined castle in Gardo Island

First Appearance: The Bare Forest War

Powers/Abilities: Very strong, excellent strategist and fighter.

History: Othan lives on a planet inhabited by a race of feline humanoids. He is a member of a leonine family in decline, inhabiting a castle in ruins. Due to his uneasy and aggressive spirit, he opted to make a living as a warrior.

Comments: Created by Cynthia Carvalho and Ofeliano de Almeida.

Images of Othan provided by Rafael Maia Ehmke, additional information supplied by Cynthia Carvalho.

For more information there is an official website at www.leaonegro.com (in Portuguese)


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