Inspired in part by War of the Independents and in part by Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, I'm attempting to see if everything really is interconnected. Can you really chart your course across all the various comic book (and other fictional) realities? In fiction, everything is theoretically possible, but have we already got a proven path from such disparate characters as the Phantom of Fear City to Johnny Alpha?

Almanac Map Terminology & Concepts

The Almanac section is a guide to the individual realities that together make up the Omniverse. The Map is an attempt to visually depict the links between different parts of the Omniverse. Terminology and Concepts is what it sounds like, an explanation of ideas used in the other pages.

However, before anything else, if we're going to discuss the Omniverse, I better explain what it is.

A multiverse is a collection of linked realities - usually they are linked because various people on one version of the planet Earth also exist in slightly modified form on the other planet Earths in the other realities within this multiverse, though there can be other elements which tie them together. The Omniverse is every alternate reality, every world, every other words, just everything. The whole shebang combined. It gets a capital because it's a name - there is only one Omniverse, and nothing can be outside the Omniverse, by definition. If something is discovered outside the Omniverse, it just means that what we thought was the Omniverse gets a little bigger to include the new discovery.


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