Olga Mesmer

Real Name: Olga Mesmer

Identity/Class: Human mutant

Occupation: Adventurer

Affiliations: Rodney Prescott, Margot, Shag (her mother's bodyguard)

Enemies: Ombo

Known Relatives: Dr Hugo Mesmer (father, deceased), Margot (mother), Rankin (guardian)

Aliases: The Girl with X-Ray Eyes

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Spicy Mystery Stories (August 1937)

Powers/Abilities: Superhuman strength, x-ray vision

History: Margot was the queen of a subterranean race of immortals known as the Sitnaltans, who originated on Venus. When the villainous Ombo tried to seize the throne, she was forced to flee to the surface world. Attacked by Ombo, the now amnesiac Margot was rescued by scientist Dr. Hugo Mesmer. The pair soon fell in love and were married. Sensing something unusual about his bride, Mesmer exposed her to a range of experiments using "soluble X-rays", leaving her bedridden and with her eyes bandaged over. Eventually, hearing her husband carousing in the next room, the pregnant Margot removed the bandages, to discover she could see through the walls. Caught in her x-ray gaze, Dr. Mesmer died instantly; Margot fled back to her kingdom shortly after giving birth to a daughter, Olga. The child grew up possessing superhuman strength and x-ray vision. She was raised by Rankin, but as she matured he came to lust after her, an interest which was not reciprocated.

As an adult, Olga stopped the attempted murder of Rodney Prescott, casually killing his assailant; to save Rodney's life, he was given an emergency blood transfusion using Olga as the donor. Not only did he survive, he also gained powers similar to hers. Together they located her mother, whom Olga had long believed dead, and aided her in battling the continued menace of Ombo, before travelling with her to Venus, where Margot was proposed to by Boris, a Martian prince, hopefully bringing an era of peace to the warring planets.

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