Knight Sabers

Membership: Linna, Nene, Priss, Sylia

Purpose: To defend the city from the Boomers

Affiliations: Mackie Stingray

Enemies: Boomers

Base of Operations: Lady633 building, Mega-Tokyo, c.A.D.2030

First Appearance: Bubblegum Crisis (February 1987)

History: In 21st century Mega-Tokyo the Armoured Defence Police do their best to deal with a crime wave committed by the Boomers, biogenetically engineered cyborgs with immense strength. The Boomers secretly work for the Genom Corporation, a mighty conglomerate who seek to destabilise the city and take total control in the midst of the chaos. The ADP simply don't have the firepower to stop them. But the Knight Sabers might.

The Knight Sabers are a group of power-armoured vigilantes / mercenaries, who oppose the Boomers and their corporate masters. Brought together by  Sylia Stingray, the daughter of the scientist who designed the Boomers, the four women who make up the group use their "hard-suits" to defend their home and stay one step ahead of the law, who publicly denounce them, but privately welcome their assistance.

Dr. Katsuhito Stingray was a noted scientist who had developed "Cyberdroids", only to watch as the Genom corporation lessened his creations reasoning abilities and raised their combat ones, creating the Boomers. When he spoke out against this, he was murdered for doing so. However before he died, he successfully used another invention of his to directly download his work on powered armour design (an offshoot of the same technology which created the Boomers) into the mind of his 12 year old daughter, Sylia. The girl grew up perfecting his work and a growing anger at the actions of Genom.

Once Sylia felt her preparations were finished, she set about recruiting her squad - Nene she contacted through an encrypted message on the Net, Priss she located hunting down the killers of her lover, and Linna was recruited after failing a dancing audition. She equipped them and herself with the hardsuits the team wear. When more firepower is needed, they employ motorslave mecha. While Sylia sees the group as a way of gaining vengeance for her father's murder, she is also willing to hire the team out to worthy (and wealthy) causes, carrying out body-guarding duties, rescue missions and hunting for missing persons. She uses the money made from this work to continue their quest, paying for repairs to their equipment and bribes to officials.

The team were based out of the Lady633 building, which is owned by Sylia. She also ran her lingerie business, Silky Doll, from there, and used that company's delivery truck to transport the hardsuits and motorslaves around the city to where they were needed.

Comments: Created by Toshimitsu Suzuki and Ken-Ichi Sonoda.

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