Real Name: Eve Eden

Identity/Class: Human-extradimensional hybrid, technology user

Occupation: Socialite

Affiliations: Captain Atom, Tiger

Enemies: Ghost, Abby Ladd, Punch, Jewelee, the Image, Incubus

Known Relatives: Senator Wayne Eden (father), Magda Eden (mother, deceased), Larry Eden (brother)

Aliases: Dweller of Darkness

Base of Operations: Washington D.C.

First Appearance: Captain Atom#82 (Charlton, September 1966)

Powers/Abilities: Skilled martial artist, proficient in judo and karate. So long as she can make contact with shadows she can transform herself into a living shadow and teleport through the darkness. She carries "ebony bombs" that unleash blinding gas; she wears filters to help her breathe when she is engulfed by the gas.

History: When she was a little girl Eve Eden and her older brother Larry learned from their mother that they were not normal humans. Explaining that she was actually a Princess from the Land of Nightshades, an extradimensional realm, she revealed that they had inherited "the power of the royal nightshades" from her, and showed them how to turn into shadows, then use those shadows to travel back to their mother's home dimension. As they looked on in wonder at the magical realm of their ancestors, their mother revealed that had to be careful, as the reason she had originally left and escaped to Earth was because the realm had been invaded by an entity known as the Incubus. Presumably she intended their visit to be a brief one, just to let her children know their true heritage, but before they could depart they were spotted by batlike agents of the Incubus. Larry was captured and her mother suffered fatal injuries before managing to transport herself and Eve back to Earth. Dying, she made Eve vow to one day rescue Larry.

   Eve spent the next few years learning martial arts from various tutors, including Tiger, the now grown up former sidekick of Judomaster. Upon reaching adulthood she devised a costumed identity, hiding her true self behind a mask and black haired wig, to become Nightshade. She offered her services to the U.S. government as an agent, and was teamed up with Captain Atom.

Comments: Created by Steve Ditko and Dave Kaler.

   When D.C. Comics bought the rights to Charlton's stable of characters, they used some more frequently than others. Most notably Captain Atom, Question and Blue Beetle all quickly got their own comics. Nightshade wasn't quite as prominent, but she did get a decent amount of coverage. As a correspondent to the site, Gabriel, noted, she: "worked for DC's Suicide Squad in an effort to learn more about her powers and rescue her father". She also served as the inspiration for the Silk Spectre in Alan Moore's Watchmen.

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