Membership: Colonel Jack Shiels, Blur, Major Redding, Major MacIlvoy, Jason, Kyle

Purpose: To defend the U.S.

Affiliations: U.S. military

Enemies: Senator David Strickland

Base of Operations: The Compound, U.S.

First Appearance: Helios #1 (Dakuwaka Productions, 2004)

History: In 1966 the world first became aware of superhumans amongst them, when one appeared in the Ukraine. A year later, in 1967, Professor Herman Bremmer coined the term "Neo-Genetics" to describe the study of what was fast becoming a global phenomenon. By the early 21st century the U.S had gathered together a unit of these superhumans - the Neogenic Task Force (NTF), or Neo-Force, among them the speedster Blur (Captain Ashley Blair), fast enough to run on water.

Comments: Created by Mike Penny and Jason Rand.

Originally debuting in a four issue series from Dakuwaka Productions, the Helios story moved over to Speakeasy Comics with the recent release of "Helios: In With the New", before returning to Dakuwaka (after Speakeasy went out of business) for "Helios: Under the Gun".

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