Nikolai Dante

Real Name: Nikolai Dante

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Thief, adventurer

Affiliations: Tsarina Jena Makarov, Countessa de Wynter, House of Romanov

Enemies: Tsar Vladimir the Conqueror, Count Pyre, The Arbatov family, Sir Richard Hawksmoore, Akita Sagawa, The Kraken, The House of Romanov

Known Relatives: Katarina Dante (mother); Dmitri Romanov (father); Valentin, Konstantin, Alexandr, Andreas, Viktor & Arkady Romanov (half brothers); Alexandra, Lulu & Nastasia Romanov (half sisters); Jocasta Romanov (step mother); Eloise de Janissaire (wife, deceased)

Aliases: The Gentleman Thief

Base of Operations: Russia, c.2667

First Appearance: 2000 A.D.

Powers/Abilities: Dante is linked to a cyborganic Weapons Crest, a battle computer which speeds his healing, tutors him on how to handle himself in aristocratic circles (so as to shape him into a future universal ruler), and lets him gorw cyborganic swords from his hands. He carries an extraterrestrial rifle, the Huntsman 5000, coded to his geneprint; it generates its own ammunition internally, never running out, and automatically changing the shells it fires to be the most effective against whatever foe its owner is facing.

History: The Last Revolution saw the final end of the old Soviet states, leaving them ruined and ripe for takeover. The Mafiya Clans seized control, reinventing themselves as aristocratic dynasties, and eventually the most powerful house, the Makarovs, spawned a leader, Vladimir the Conqueror, who proclaimed himself Tsar of All the Russias. It is a dangerous time and place, with advanced technology and extraterrestrials mixing with old style Russia politics.

Dmitri Romanov was the ruthless patriarch of his dynasty, siring an illegitimate child, Nikolai, on the infamous pirate Katarina Dante. He grew up on the streets, fending for himself, until he became bonded to a cyborganic Weapons Crest. Backed by its powers he claimed his birthright, to mixed feelings from his half-siblings. However life in the Romanov household proved no less dangerous than out on the streets.

Comments: Created by Robbie Morrison and Simon Fraser.

Thanks to Mike Gloady for additional information.


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