Natasha X

Real Name: Natasha X.

Identity/Class: Human technology and magic artifact user

Occupation: Super-hero (self-employed).

Affiliations: Doggy X (sometime canine sidekick); Tony the Tin Pot Titan (ex-villain who now manages the X Museum)

Enemies: Professor Tango, Miss Sasha Hex (her robot double), Max Mugswallow, the Baby-Sitter of Armageddon, the Seven Serpent Sapiens, the Civil Servant of Doom, the Brain Sucking Wildebeast of Prague.

Known Relatives: Dr. Harry X (father, well-known vet, deceased); Jacqueline X (mother, ballerina and international judo champion, deceased)

Aliases: Often called the greatest hero of all time, but only by herself. Was known as Li'l Nat when she was a tiny tot.

Base of Operations: The X Museum

First Appearance: Natasha X - How to be a Superhero GN (Eclectica Press, 2005)

Powers/Abilities: Uses a time-belt to travel in time and a mystic-space-sword to battle evil with. Can talk endlessly about herself and is very good at being overly dramatic.

History: When still a youngster and adventuring under the name of Li'l Nat, Natasha X lost both her parents at the hands of the corrupt Professor Tango. Since that day she has quested for justice and still continues to travel through time and space bringing peace to men, women and cute furry animals everywhere.

Comments: Created by Darran Jordan.

Thanks to John McClain for informing me of this character, and Eclectica Press for filling in the blanks.

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