Real Name: Raj

Identity/Class: Mystical being

Occupation: Public relations officer of Bharti Communications

Affiliations: Visarpi; Bharti / Faceless; Nisha; Nagu; Sheetnag Kumar; Sodangi; Nagarjun; Singhnag; Nagpreti; Nagdev; Sarpraj

Enemies: Miss Killer, Thodanga, Nageena, Nagpasha, Magician Shakoora, Nagdant, Professor Nagmani

Known Relatives: King Takshak Raj (father, deceased); Queen Lolita (mother, deceased); Nagpasha (Uncle)

Aliases: The Walking Snake-Pit

Base of Operations: India

First Appearance: Nagraj (Raj Comics, 1986)

Powers/Abilities: Nagraj is able to transform into snake form at will. His body is a container of millions of "micro-snakes" which he can release at will to grow and carry out a variety of tasks, including, but not limited to: a snake that he can fire like a gun; one that can cut through anything; explosive snakes; snakes that can repel evil souls. He can form ropes out of groups of snakes, for use for swinging on or lassoing objects. He can hypnotise with his eyes, and has a searing poisonous breath and lethal bite. If wounded, micro-snakes will swiftly seal the wounds, healing him. His bizarre ability to contain snakes means he is home to a number of allies, whom he can release to carry out independent actions using their own abilities, including Sodangi and Sheetnar Kumar. He can also turn invisible by changing his skin colour, like a chameleon, and is immortal (or at least ages very slowly - he is in his 80's, but appears to be in his late twenties).

History: Nagraj is a man-snake able to transform into either form at will, and has various abilities related to his control of snakes. In his secret identity of Raj, he pretends to be terrified of snakes. He hails from the mystic land of Nagdweep, where his parents were the ruling royal family, until their murder by his uncle Nagpasha. Now the kingdom is ruled by his friend Visarpi.

Raj, his alter egoComments: Nagraj has been turned into a television series too.

Thanks to Krishna Anand for both informing me of this character, and providing additional information about him. Thanks to Pranay Chandra for providing information about the different types of snakes Nagraj can deploy.


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