Real Name: Johnathan Wellington Muddlemore

Identity/Class: Ghost

Occupation: Amateur sleuth

Affiliations: Boo (his ghostly cat), Skip, April, Augie, Elmo

Enemies: Houndman

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: The Funky Phantom

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: The Funky Phantom (Hanna-Barbera for ABC, September 11th 1971)

Powers/Abilities: Ghost, able to walk through walls and turn invisible.

History: In 1776 the cowardly New Englander Jonathan Muddlemore attempted to hide himself and his cat Boo from British soldiers inside a grandfather clock in an old mansion; though they succeeded in evading capture, unfortunately they found themselves stuck inside the clock and expired. Nearly two centuries later a group of intrepid teenagers sought refuge from a storm in the abandoned mansion, and when one of them set the clock to the correct time, midnight, Muddlemore and Boo's ghosts were released. Striking up a friendship with the teens, Mudsy (as they nicknamed their apparition ally) travelled the country with the teens, helping them investigate mysteries and capture criminals.

Comments: Voiced  by Daws Butler. The series was short-lived, lasting only 17 episodes.

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