Mr. Terrific

Real Name: Stanley Beamish

Identity/Class: Human, powers gained through chemical means

Occupation: Service station owner

Affiliations: works for the Bureau of Secret Projects, reports to Bureau Chief Barton J. Reed, partnered with Hal Walters

Enemies: Mala, Mr.Big, Nina, Herman J. Von Brock

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Fingers" Maclaine

Base of Operations: Unknown - somewhere in the U.S.A.

First Appearance: Mr.Terrific #1 "Matchless" (CBS, 9th January 1967)

Powers/Abilities: Superhuman strength, able to fly. At one point, when he took the pill while suffering from a bad cold, he developed superstrong sneezes.

History: "A scientist, both wise and bold, set out to cure the common cold. Instead he found this power pill, which, he said, most certainly will turn a lamb into a lion. Like an eagle he'll be flyin'. Solid steel will be like putty. It'll work on anybody.

But then 'twas found this potent pill made the strongest men quite ill, so the secret search began to find the one and only man.

What they found made them squeamish, for only Stanley Beamish, a weak and droopy daffodil, could take the special power pill that sent him soaring through the skies fighting foes and fighting spies.

When he took the pill specific, it made him the most prolific... terrific... Mr. Terrific!"

As the only person able to take the power pill developed by the government's Bureau of Secret Projects, whenever threats arose to endanger the U.S. of A., wimpy Stanley Beamish was pressed into service as Mr.Terrific. Since the pills were expensive to make and only granted powers for a limited period, much of the time Stanley was forced to carry out his investigations sans powers, at least until danger loomed.

Comments: Played by Stephen Strimpell throughout the series, although in the unaired pilot Alan Young played the role.

The sitcom series lasted one season, consisting of seventeen episodes, plus one TV movie (which was a compilation of two of the TV episodes):

  1. Matchless

  2. Mr. Big Curtsies Out

  3. I Can't Fly

  4. My Partner the Jewel Thief

  5. The Formula Is Stolen

  6. Stanley the Safecracker

  7. Stanley the Fighter

  8. Stanley the Jailbreaker

  9. Fly, Ballerina, Fly

  10. Harley and the Killer

  11. Stanley and the Mountaineers

  12. Has Mr. Terrific Sold Out?

  13. Stanley Goes to the Dentist

  14. Stanley the Track Star

  15. Try This On for Spies

  16. Stanley Joins the Circus

  17. The Sultan Has Five Wives

  18. The Pill Caper (compilation movie)

Very few of the episodes are known to still exist in a viewable format.


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