Miss Masque

Real Name: Diana Adams

First Appearance:


Occupation: Socialite

Affiliations: The Vault of Heroes (member); Femforce

Enemies: The Shroud

Known Relatives:


Base of Operations: (originally) Toronto, Canada; (later) The Vault of Heroes

History: A Canadian socialite, Diana Adams lived a life of parties and more parties, without a care in the world. Visiting New Orleons for Mardi Gras she suddenly realised that while she had her costume ready, she had forgotten to bring a suitable mask. Hunting for somewhere that was still open that might be able to fulfill her needs, she entered a small curio shop on Bourbon Street. The shopkeeper offered her a domino mask, but told her a fanciful tale about it being possessed by the spirit of justice; undeterred, Diana purchased it.

While attending the party, a group of robbers burst in. Diana saved the life of one of her fellow partygoers, and found herself strangely fulfilled by the act. She became the heroine Miss Masque. After adventuring for a while, she decided to take part in the Vault project which was designed to keep the crimefighters and heroes of those relatively peaceful years in a state of suspended animation until their services were again needed. She was revived in the 1980's, some forty years later, to help Femforce battle the Shroud, and continues to adventure in the modern era, still a young woman in her mid-twenties.

Powers/Abilities: Expert short, skilled in hand to hand combat.

Comments: Thanks to Mike Murphy for providing some information on this character.


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