Miss Fury

Real Name: Marla Drake

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Socialite

Affiliations: Albino Joe, Francine

Enemies: General Bruno Beitz, Baroness Elsa von Kampf, Doctor Diman

Known Relatives: Unnamed uncle, unnamed grand-daughter (the next Miss Fury)

Aliases: Black Fury

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: first Black Fury newspaper strip (Bell Syndicate, Sunday April 6, 1941)
comics Miss Fury #1 (Timely, Winter 1942)

Powers/Abilities: Good fighter. Athletic and acrobatic. The costume never displayed any of the powers it was reputed to have, but it did have claws.



History: (Miss Fury #1-8) Marla Drake was a shallow socialite given a costume by her uncle. Made from black leopard skin, the outfit had previously been the ceremonial robe of a witch doctor, and was reputed to be cursed with strange powers. Planning to attend a fancy dress party, Marla was horrified when she heard someone else had a costume similar to hers, and so took her maid Francine's suggestion to wear her present instead. On the way to the party she ended up helping capture an escaped murderer, and next day the papers ran stories about the mysterious "Black Fury". Marla continued to adventure after that, soon changing her name to Miss Fury.

Comments: Created by Tarpé Mills.

Originally appearing in a newspaper strip in 1941, a year later the character starred in her own comic from Timely Comics, which reprinted her syndicated stories. The comic lasted 8 issues, but the newspaper strip continued until 1952. Some of these strips were reprinted in 1979 by Archival Press, and ACG produced two issues of reprints in 2000. In 1991 Adventure Comics (an imprint of Malibu) released a four issue mini-series of Miss Fury, but rather than being reprints or a continuation of the character, these featured the grand-daughter of the original heroine.

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