Real Name: Millennium

First Appearance: Doctor Who Magazine #57





Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

History: Millennium is a member of the Special Executive. If we accept the proposed origins of other members of the Executive (see Wardog) then she is an early experiment at Loom born Gallifreyans. While her appearance is that of a normal Gallifreyan (or human) she has special powers not shared by the general populace. She accompanied several other members of the Executive on an ambassadorial mission to the planet Desrault, where she was unfortunate enough to be ambushed by the Sontaran Brilox, who used a Psy-Snare on her, erasing her mind and leaving her under his control. The next day, Brilox had her attack Adamath, the representative for the Rigel Sector, a member of the Order of the Black Sun. Wardog was forced to break her neck in an effort to stop her, but was too late to save Adamath. Millennium died, but her actions under Brilox's control are believed to be responsible for the enmity between the Gallifreyans and the Order of the Black Sun.

Powers/Abilities: Millennium is able to accelerate time with a touch, allowing her to age people to dust in seconds.

Comments: Created by Alan Moore.


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