Mick St. John

Real Name: Mick St. John

Identity/Class: Vampire

Occupation: Private detective, former musician, soldier

Affiliations: Beth Turner, Josef Kostan, Guillermo, Logan Griffen; debatably Coraline

Enemies: Lance, Lee Jay Spalding, Lola, Mineo, Donovan Shepherd, Dean Foster

Known Relatives: Coraline Duvall (ex-wife), Lance (ex-brother-in-law), five unidentified ex-brother-in-laws

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Los Angeles

First Appearance: Moonlight Episode #1 "No Such Thing as Vampires" (CBS, September 28th 2007)

Powers/Abilities: Superhuman strength and speed, regenerative healing. Can be paralysed by a stake through the heart, prolonged exposure to sunlight can kill.

History: Turned into a vampire on his wedding night in 1952, Mick St. John now seeks to make up for the wrongs he did in his early days as a vampire by working as a private investigator, helping others.

Comments: Played by Alex O'Loughlin.


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