Meteoro (Meteor)

Real Name: Ricardo "Ric" Marinetti

Identity/Class: Unknown

Occupation: high school student; singer and guitarist of rock and roll band

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Estrela Maldita (Curse Star), Encapuzado (The Hooded One), Nico Bazzuca (crime lord of Sao Paulo City)

Known Relatives: Cesar Marinetti (father), Vovô Marinetti (paternal grandfather), Vovó Marinetti (paternal grandmother)

Aliases: The Flying Masked

Base of Operations: Sao Paulo, Brazil

First Appearance: Meteoro # 1 (February 1992)

Powers/Abilities: Super strength - able to lift 40 ton. Able to fly. Precognative visions of danger. Superhuman endurance.

History: Ric Marinetti gained his superhuman powers from mysterious energies contained within a tiny meteorite, which had been sent to Earth by a representative of the "Universal Conclave", a cosmic "secret society". Having decided Earth was a "cancer to the Universe", the Conclave had already granted incredible destructive power, sufficient to destroy the planet, to a being now known as Estrela Maldita (Curse Star, the "Evil One"). Regretting this action, the Conclave representative tried to balance things by picking a champion, Ric, the "Good One", to whom he granted "Meteor Power" so he couuld protect the Earth. A tall order for anyone, even with superpowers, let alone a seventeen year old boy.

Comments: Created by Roberto Guedes, who also kindly supplied information and images. Thanks to Barney's Micro Station for first letting me know of the character and letting me use their Micro hero of him.

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