Mean Team

Membership: "Bad" Jack Keller, Henry Moon, Amok, Hammer, Emerald Eyes, Steelgrip, Mongo, Bilk




Base of Operations:

First Appearance: 2000 A.D.

History: The Mean Team were a group of futuristic gladiators gathered together by the wealthy Richman Von. Feeling Von had betrayed him, they killed him and went on the run, and ended up on Earth, where a new writer took over and it turned out that the leader of the team, Jack Keller, had a secret destiny to drive the dark forces off of Earth, giving it back to humanity.

Comments: Starting as an adventure flick, this story mutated vastly when a new writer took over, and not for the better in my opinion. The robot character died when they landed on Earth, destroyed by the force that prevented technology working on the beleaguered planet. The rest of the group, bar Moon, were killed by pursuing Earth forces at the end of the series' second storyline.

Bad Jack Keller - invulnerable while on Earth up to the point where he vanquished the dark powers. Healed any wound taken in seconds.

Henry Moon - telepathic, brain implanted into the body of a black panther following fatal injury. Able to speak through voice device strapped to throat.

Emerald Eyes - invulnerable like Jack while dark powers on Earth. Able to fire beams of destructive energy from eyes.


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