Real Name: Carter Manning

Identity/Class: Human wearing high tech armour

Occupation: Marine biologist / mechanical engineer

Affiliations: The Crusaders

Enemies: The Crushers

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Crusader Citadel

First Appearance: Crisis at the Crusader Citadel


History: Carter Manning, a marine biologist and mechanical engineer, was vacationing with his wife on their private yacht when they found themselves under attack by 20th century pirates. Hopelessly outnumbered and outgunned, Manning's wife was brutally raped and killed and he was tossed overboard to the sharks. The pirates used his boat for a multi-million dollar drug run and then abandoned it.

Miraculously, Manning did not die. Due to an amazing stroke of luck, he was rescued and returned home with a grim new purpose in life. The authorities warned him not to get involved further and to stay out of their way. Manning had other ideas and immediately began the design and construction of the tools of his vengeance. He built a minature aqualung, a cloak with folds out into an airfoil enabling him to float on air, and a powerful electrical storage battery with a projector for his 'Manta Rays' which paralyze his vicitims. When the same pirates attempted to storm yet another yacht, Manning (now Manta Man) intervened and rounded up the criminals with little difficulty. Unable to kill them in cold blood, he turned them over to the authorities.

Since then he has continued as an active superhero, leading the heroic Crusaders.

Comments: Created by Jack Herman and Jeff Dee. Art on this page by Jeff Dee and copyright to him.


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