Real Name: Unknown (manji is the Japanese ideogram [resembling a reversed swastika] which he wears on the back of his clothing)

Identity/Class: Human modified by magic

Occupation: Ronin (masterless samurai)

Affiliations: Asano Rin, Yaobikuni

Enemies: Manji is an outlaw, so in feudal Japan that makes most people his enemies.

Known Relatives: Machi (sister, deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Japan

First Appearance: Blade of the Immortal (Mugen no Jyuunin) #1

Powers/Abilities:I n addition to being a master swordsman, Manji has kessen-chu (translated as "bloodworms") that repair all the bodily damage he suffers (in effect, somewhat gruesome form of regeneration) which makes him practically immortal - unless someone cuts off his head.

History: A former samurai in the service of Lord Horii Shigenobu, Manji became disillusioned with his life and the code of the samurai after he discovered that that criminals he had been killing on Horii's orders were really farmers trying to contact the local authorities to inform them of Horii's misuse of taxes. Manji killed Horii in return, and then killed 99 police officers who attempted to bring him in. Finally, Manji killed Saito Tatsumasa, right in front of Saito's wife, Machi... who just so happened to be Manji's little sister.

At some point after this incident, Manji encountered Yaobikuni, who fed Manji the Kessen-Chu to make him immortal. Now, unable to be killed, Manji felt he was more monster than man. He also felt his skills degrading as he realized he couldn't be killed in a fight, and thus didn't need to fight a well as he had before.

After killing the fake priest Gyobutsu Johnny, Manji ran afoul of the Shinsen-gumi, "the world's baddest ronin gang." Their leader, Shido Hishiyasu, killed Machi in revenge for the death of Johnny (who was his brother). Unfortunately for Shido and the rest of the Shinsen-gumi, Manji then cut all of them down. Upon returning to Yaobikuni, he made her a deal. He'd kill 1000 evil men as penance for the 100 innocent lives he took, and in return, she'd give him the release of his own death.

Manji is one of those tough guy characters who do their utmost to behave in uncaring manner but have a conscience and soft spot for underdog. He regards Rin as a honorary sister.

Comments: Created by Hiroaki Samura

In Japan ideograms, the symbol Manji stood for "enormous luck and protection against evil powers".

Profile by Vesa Lehtinen, with history from Michael Surbrook's site (used with permission).


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