Real Name: Rachel Verlaine





Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: 2000 A.D.

Powers/Abilities: Her own body is Mambo's most powerful weapon! She can mutate it at will, shooting deadly tentacles from her skin and manipulating non-organic matter. She also has psychic talents that enable her to 'see' what others cannot

History: The planet Maldoror was colonised by an alien species calling themselves the New Flesh. While on Maldoror, the New Flesh became able to mutate their bodies at will, to bond with and manipulate non-organic material. Then the planet was 'acquired' by Earth's powerful Ventris Corporation in a bloody battle that nearly wiped out the New Flesh.

The head of the corporation, Dorian Ventris, had Maldoror turned into a factory planet. He ordered his scientists to find a way to replicate the New Flesh's now-fading abilities in humans. Leader of the scientists was Dr Verlaine, whose wife died after giving birth to their daughter Rachel on Maldoror.

When she was ten, the New Flesh took Rachel and her father before the Mambo. The dying Mambo implanted a parasite known as the Omuli inside Rachel's mind. Now she had the paranormal powers of the New Flesh, now she was their Mambo! But the experience left her face horribly scarred, which her father concealed with a special mask that also keeps the Omuli in check.

Rachel's father sent her to Earth to conceal her from Ventris and she became a cop, unaware of her latent abilities. Her hidden psychic talents gave her the highest clearance rate of any detective in New York. Eventually, the past caught up with Rachel and she returned to Maldoror to face Dorian Ventris.

He defeated her but was absorbed by the planet itself, which turned into a living entity, a being of pure ego. The New Flesh was also all absorbed, except for Jay Dee who learnt his English from a book of modern slang - published in 1968!

Comments: Created by David Hine.


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