Real Name: Persephone/Kore

Identity/Class: Deity possessed by demon

Occupation: Goddess

Affiliations: Demon

Enemies: The League of Champions, Giant, Dr. Arcane, the Greek Gods

Known Relatives: The Greek Gods

Aliases: Dark Malice

Base of Operations: Olympus

First Appearance: Champions (Eclipse Comics)

Powers/Abilities: Malice had vast magical powers which allowed her to do almost anything she wished. Some of her more daring feats include raising an army of skeletons and recreating the other Greek gods from aspects of the Champions’ personalities. At times she amplified her powers with pieces of a cursed black jewel. However, because of the darkness of the demon that controlled her Malice was especially vulnerable to light-based attacks.

History: A demon of malice took control of the goddess Persephone, bitter at being confined to the underworld for half the year, and steered her toward stealing the immortality of the rest of the Greek gods. To have a chance of stopping her, Zeus created a harness imbued with a portion of his power, which was buried with Persephone (calling herself Malice) when she was confined, alive but inert, in a tomb in Egypt. In the early 20th century Melissa D’Arque and her lover William Johnson excavated the tomb, and the desiccated Malice transferred her soul to Melissa and embarked on a life of evil where modern superheroes managed to confine her several times, each was only temporary. Eventually Zeus and Giant managed to remove the demon from her and destroy it. Perspehone married Giant afterward.

Comments: Created by Dennis Mallonee.

Profile by David Anderson.

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