Mazinger Z

Real Name: Mazinger Z

Identity/Class: Giant robot (piloted by Koji Kabuto, and later by Tetsuya Tsurugi)

Occupation: Foe of evil

Affiliations: Dr.Kabuto (creator, deceased), Koji Kabuto (1st pilot), Tetsuya Tsurugi (2nd pilot), Aphrodite A, Diana Alpha A, Venus Ace, Boss, Boss Borot, Shiro Kabuto, Grandizer, Getter Robo G

Enemies: Dr.Hell, Count Brocken, Baron Ashura, Minerva X, the Great General of Darkness, Devilman, Jigoku Daisensei

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Kurogane No Shiro (The Fortress of Iron), TranZor Z (U.S. name), Great Mazinger

Base of Operations: Japan

First Appearance: Mazinger Z (Anime, 1972)

Powers/Abilities: Mazinger Z is an 18 metre tall robot, piloted by a human. It has "Photon Rocket beams" able to fire from its eyes and rocket fists, which it could launch like missiles. Speaking of missiles, it could also fire these from its elbows and fingertips. It could also unleash a devastating energy blast known as the Breast Fire, or the "Rust Hurricane", a blast of air from it's mouth so powerful it could turn other robots to dust. Mazinger Z is nearly indestructible, being constructed from a super tough material called Alloy Z. In order to fly, it could link to a rocket pack.

Mazinger was controlled from the Pilder Hovercraft, which rested on his head. This symbiotic link meant that Mazinger was far more agile than he would otherwise have been, but also resulted in the pilot feeling the robot's injuries in return.

History: (Mazinger Z) Scientists Dr. Kabuto and Dr.Hell discovered the remains of an ancient civilisation, the Mikenese Empire, during an archaeological expedition to the Aegean Sea. They also discovered the remains of the Empire's secret weapons, giant robots which they had used to guard their homeland. Dr.Hell planned to use these robots to take over the Earth, and ordered them to kill the rest of the expedition to keep his goals secret. Kabuto escaped and returned to Japan. Working at the Photon Research Institute he used a new element, Japanium, discovered in Mount Fuji, in conjunction with a new form of energy, Photo-Atomic energy, to develop an incredibly strong Alloy Z. With this he then constructed a heavily armed giant robot of his own, dubbed Mazinger Z.

However shortly after completing this, his lab was attacked by Hell's assistant, Baron Ashura, and the scientist was fatally injured. His grandsons Koji and Shiro found him soon after, allowing the Doctor explained to them of Hell's plans and how to operate Mazinger Z, before he passed away. Koji sought the aid of Kabuto's former assistant, Dr.Yumi, and ended up teaming up with Yumi's daughter (later to become Koji's girlfriend) Sayaka Yumi. She piloted the Aphrodite A robot her father built for her, then later the more powerful Diana Alpha A upgrade. He was also helped by local tough Boss, who piloted the clunky but durable Boss Bot.

When Dr.Hell responded to his new enemies by building his own female-bodied version of Mazinger, Minerva X, the heroic robot started to show signs of having developed its own independent mind. It appeared to fall in love with its feminine foe, and after being forced to kill Minerva to prevent it killing Sayaka and Diana, Mazinger went into mourning for its downed foe. In spite of this, Mazinger Z was finally victorious over Dr.Hell.

(Mazinger Z vs.Devilman) No details

(Great Mazinger) When Jigoku Daisensei, Dr.Hell's reincarnation, took control of the Mikenese robots and threatened the world once more, Tetsuya Tsurugi took over piloting Mazinger Z in the absence of Koji, who was in South America at the time. Aided by Jun Hono and her Venus Ace robot, along with Mazinger's old ally Boss Bot, he proved himself as heroic as his predecessor.

(Grandizer) No details

(Mazinger Z vs. The General of Darkness) No details

(Great Mazinger vs. Getter Robo G) No details

(Great Mazinger/Grandizer/Getter Robo G: Battle the Great Monster) No details

Comments: Created by Go Nagai. As well as the above series and movies, Mazinger also appeared in 1988 in a comic from First Comics, the first manga done specifically for a U.S. release.

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