Magician from Mars

Real Name: Jane 6EM35

Identity/Class: Human/Martian hybrid mutate

Occupation: Adventurer

Affiliations: Prince Taal

Enemies: The Hood (Vanza)

Known Relatives: Jane Faro (mother, deceased), Jarl 6EM35 (father, deceased), Vanza (aunt)

Aliases: Jane Q-X3

Base of Operations: Earth and Mars

First Appearance: Amazing Man Comics #7 (Centaur, November 1939)

Powers/Abilities: Superhuman strength, intelligence and agility. Telekinetic and able to nullify gravity. Able to create objects out of nothing or change existing matter through willpower alone. Able to transform her own appearance, and maintain her own youth and beauty, resisting aging.

History: Born to a human mother and Martian father, Jane 6EM35 was accidentally exposed to rays from a cathode tube by a nurse shortly after she was born, which interacted with her mixed heritage to grant her superpowers. When Jane was six, she discovered she possessed telekinesis and could create things from nothing simply by wishing for them. After her parents passed away when she was in her teens, Jane's aunt became her guardian, and refused to let Jane visit Earth, so Jane ran away and took passage on a ship bound for Earth. Once there she used her abilities to help people and fight crime, battling the Hood and her organisation.

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